It has been one busy spring. And if you are looking to sell a home you know that you have 6 brokerages and 28 brokers to choose from in town.  Early this spring with the low inventory that would have been nearly a broker for every home on the market in Manzanita! 

As you may or may not know, all of our listings are supported with a marketing video. Below is a video playlist of our current listings from our YouTube channel and below that is a market summary of all real estate sales in Manzanita, Nehalem and Wheeler.


So far this year 34 homes have closed in Manzanita and Meadow and I have sold over 35%* of all residential sales. There are plenty of signs in the dirt out there but it’s what gets sold that counts. 

Were proud of that and thought you might want to know our trend of top sales team over the last 5 years continues.

Land and lot sales are moving along too. 10 lots in town have closed and we have sold 40% of those to date. Lot prices in town have pushed up and the average close was 222k.

In Nehalem, 18 homes have sold and we have sold 27% of those to date. What is interesting in Nehalem is that the cash sales this year account for nearly over 40% of those transactions.  That is pushing up to near Manzanita levels at 50% cash purchases for residential transactions.

Land is also heating up in the 97131. 10 parcels have sold so far this year and we have sold 40% of them.  

In Wheeler, there has been a lot of talk but not quite as much follow though. Two lots have closed this year and at prices lower than we personally sold lots for last year (closing avg. 61K compared to 68k). Home sales have also been slow to date with only one residence closing.  However that was for cash at 315K.  And on another positive note, there is a lot of Wheeler real estate talk

We are proud to note that again this year Meadow and I are primary sponsors of the Manzanita Farmers Market and The NCRD Manzanita Run/Walk.  We hope that you take the time to support our community and enjoy these activities.

Overall sales are strong and transactions are plentiful in our area. If you are looking to list this summer, and you are interested in our results,  we would like to speak with you. We appreciate that you would take the time to read our post and visit our site. Thank you for your interest and time.


*All of our stats are from MLS Market Statistics.